JPJ Driving Test Experience - 18th May 2016

I just ate 6 pieces of Oreo this morning. It tasted of nothing. Kunyah, telan, kunyah, telan sambil tengok tonton video Rutin Pemeriksan Kenderaan kat Youtube buat kali ke-48. My heart beating faster that the beat of a Hindustan song.

Right now, I'm just so relieved. It's over and done with.

So yes everyone, I PASSED my driving test on the first try!!! Alhamdulillah! I feel like Allah is too kind to me. I'm not in the mood to talk about it. I'm just so tired. And I just want to move on with my life.

But since I'm allergic to super short half-ass posts, I'm gonna tell you guys about it anyways.

 I did RPK first then Bahagian 2 (Bukit, Parking, Z and S) and lastly, Jalan Raya.

I have a feeling JPJ Officers seriously hate their jobs. So a note to those taking their tests: If you got an earlier session in the morning, consider yourself lucky. I had the second session (Sesi 2) and started at 10am and finished right before their lunch break. If the JPJ Officers were …

Book Review: PERMAINAN by Aiman Hazziq (FIXI)

I miss my grandma.

The last time I went to her house, she jokingly told me I abandoned her. JOKINGLY. But still... Ouch.

Anyways, I finished reading a new FIXI book! PERMAINAN by Aiman Hazziq. I'm now contemplating on writing this review in Malay but I'm terrified. My Malay is a trainwreck. Even so, I don't want to be that Malaysian who speaks better English than Malay. I can't. And I won't be. Malay is the first language that I hear (At least I think so, like when the doctor tells the nurse my time of birth while he holds me and I'm all red and squiggly and stuff), so it should be the language that I can align the star and the universe with. GAH.

Look, I'll code switch. Rojak, if you wanna call it that. So here goes. Deep breaths.


Jadi.... (Ugh I feel awkward already).

Lepas membaca buku ini, rasanya...

Oh God, UGH.

I can't.
Can I just .. like make it into a report form? Baby steps? Well, shit. I just sounded like a total loser.

Okay sc…

Pengalaman di Sekolah Cina

Ni mungkin post kedua (eh ketiga - eh tak ingat pulak) yang Anis tulis dalam bahasa Melayu. Entah kenapa tiba tiba hari ni rasa teringin nak tulis bm. Kadang-kadang Anis rasa yang bila Anis guna bm, keperibadian Anis lain. Bila guna BI, diri Anis jadi lain lagi. Bukan orang lain. Dua dua personaliti ni memang Anis punya, cuma... tak sama.

Baru-baru ni, Adik Anis dapat balik keputusan UPSR dia. Anis rasa gembira tak terkata. Keputusan Anis dulu tak ada apa sangat. Setakat 3A memang tak memberangsangkan langsung. Tapi Anis tak pernah bandingkan diri Anis dengan orang lain. Kepada Anis, selagi Anis fasih dalam bahasa mandarin, selagi Anis boleh betutur dalam satu bahasa lebih dari orang lain, Anis tidak boleh dibandingkan dengan siapa-siapa. Setiap kali ada orang tanya dulu UPSR dapat apa, dalam hati Anis cuma fikir kalau la diorang tahu yang matapelajaran Sains dan Matematik Anis dalam bahasa Cina, kira B ni dah cukup bagus. Orang cina pun tak tentu dapat. Tapi itulah, kebanyakan kita c…

Hanging Out

Alhamdulillah, today was an AWESOME day. And none of it was planned at all. I had Psycho class with Jo and after class I told her I wanted to buy strawberry milk for my cereal from subang parade and she went all:  You're so adorable. And Do you want me to come with? So I'm like Yeah sure. Come with me.

But the bus was coming at 10.30am and it was only 9.30pm cuz Ms Shoba released us early so we hung out at the CAE. Then Jo's friends came in and joined us so we were sitting in a group and Jo introduced me to a couple of guys and girls I met Sue and Carrie. Kai went all SHE COULD SPEAK CHINESE YOU KNOW to everyone so... I'm like haha yea. Jeez, Kai. And this other guy whose name I already forgot told me that I look Chinese. So again, I'm like haha yea. Jeez, how do I respond to these comments.

So I tune in and out of their conversations because their topics revolved around "God, I was so wasted last weekend" and "Bullshit, she's so not a virgin&quo…

Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu 2015 (Driving!)

If you're worried about the new driving syllabus, don't. Rest assured, I'll tell you all about it here. :)

Guess what? I finished my KPP01 yesterday! The first step to getting a driving licence. I'm left with the Ujian Bahagian 1 before I go on to the next step.

I'm sure most of you guys already know that Malaysia now has a new Driving syllabus. And even though a lot of people are not happy with it because the fees increased DOUBLE FOLD and the process of getting a licence is HARDER than ever, I think the syllabus is well-thought and more efficient. Hear me out okay.

For Siti Driving School under SKEM who used to offer RM750 per course, the price has rocketed up to RM1100. And we're talking about manual driving here. And you only get one chance, so if you screw it up, then you're basically screwed. You need to add another RM300 to repeat the step you failed.

For Metro Driving Academy, the prices are a whopping RM1700 for a manual driving licence course and …


Today I went to school at percisely 10 o'clock with my mom and my sis at my side. Walking through the school gates like Charlie's Angles XD. Slow motion, winds blowing. Okay fine let's cut to the chase.  Fast forward and I was in front of the table with my class teacher behind it. Puan Wong was holding a stack of result slips in her hands. She smiled mysteriously with a hint of 'OH NO!' somewhere in there and did a short suspense drama. Like the 'ARE YOU READY TO MEET YOUR DESTINY?' kind. I was having ants in my pants (figuratively speaking ok). Then she handed me my slip.

I scan it through. And to my surprise, there was a long row of As.
8As ALHAMDULILLAH! I feel like breaking into a touch-down dance right there. Wow, I couldn't believe it! Thank You Allah!!!
Yeah, okay fine. I was a teenie weenie lil' bit dissapointed though. Why? Yeah, my Chinese. It's okay. I din got an A for it but I'm really happy with what I got already. …